Claudio Pazienza

Claudio Pazienza (Italy, 1962) has a degree in European Ethnology (ULB, 1985). He started his activities as an independent filmmaker in 1986 by making short fiction films, creative documentaries, and essays. His cinema merrily mixes research and experiments. He has made about a dozen films, including Sottovoce (1993), Tableau avec chutes (1997), Esprit de bière (2000), Scènes de chasse au sanglier (2007) and Archipels Nitrate (2009). He has worked regularly in several film schools (Femis - Paris; Louis Lumière - Paris; L’École du doc - Lussas, France; HEAD -Genève, Switzerland; Pompeu Fabra University - Barcelona; IAD - Louvain-La-Neuve , B .; KASK - Ghent, B.).

Intimate and personal portrait of the Belgian film archive, CINEMATEK. The film talks of cinema and time in the form of a visual symphony in which a hundred films partake in a unique journey.

Pieter Bruegel’s painting Landscape with the Fall of Icarus and Belgium form together the backdrop against which various people diligently examine the question: “TO LOOK, what does it mean?” A “drolatic” film diary.

A dramatic action in miniature. A man enters his flat, after which an unexpected interaction takes place.

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