Nina de Vroome

Nina de Vroome (The Netherlands, 1989) is a filmmaker, teacher and author. She studied film at KASK / School of Arts Ghent and graduated with Golven [Waves] (2013). Her further filmography includes Een idee van de zee [A Sea Change] (2016) and Het geluk van honden [A Dog’s Luck] (2018). Her films were shown at international festivals like Visions du Réel and International Film Festival Rotterdam. She is a writer and editor for Sabzian, a Belgian magazine on cinema. As a teacher she is involved in various educational projects. She makes collages and engages in collaborations as a sound engineer and editor.

Caught in a dance, bees recount stories about the world around them. From the smallest cell in a honeycomb to the largest economy in the world, this essayistic nature documentary maps the bonds between man and bee.

The lives of boys in a maritime boarding school are interwoven with the sea. This documentary reveals how changeable the sea is, immeasurable yet vulnerable.

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