Ruben Desiere

Ruben Desiere (Belgium, 1990) is a filmmaker, cameraman, producer and co-founder of the online film magazine Sabzian ( In 2014, he graduated at KASK / School of Arts with the film Kosmos. In the same year he co-founded the Brussels based production company Accattone films with Rasmus Van Heddeghem. In 2018, his film La fleurière had its international premiere in the Bright Future Competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. He is co-founder of Avila (, a film distributor and online video platform for Belgian cinema. In 2022, his new film Echo will be released.

Under the tutelage of commander Walter Van Dyck, young recruits of the Belgian Armed Forces receive their basic military training.

Tomi, Rasto and Mižu are digging a tunnel in view of breaking into a bank vault. What on paper presents itself as a typical heistmovie, turns out to be a different kind of spectacle.

A Roma family lives in the vacant Gesù convent in Brussels. As Desiere is working on a fiction film with them, a real eviction of the residents becomes more and more likely.

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Echo (Ruben Desiere, 2022)
Ruben Desiere,