Jean-Noël Gobron

Jean-Noël Gobron (Belgium, 1954) was born in Eeklo as the son of a poet and a painter. In 1962, his family settled in Bruges, where the young Gobron soon began to experiment with a super-8 format. In 1970, he started jobbing as a projectionist in a cinema after school. At the age of seventeen, he left school to work in an industrial photo company. After a year, he returned to university and successively studied photography, plastic arts and film. In 1973 he founded the film club Zoom and from 1974 onwards he worked in the film industry as a cameraman, contributing to various national and international film productions. He obtained his diploma in film directing at Sint-Lukas Brussels.

During a three-month stay in Tokyo, he directed his first feature film, Satori Stress, in 1984. Two years later, he founded the production company Alcyon Film. Gobron was also an active member of various professional associations. He taught for quite some time at the KASK school in Ghent, supervised matriculation projects at the Narafi film department in Brussels and ran the audiovisual workshop for the Free University of Brussels. In 2018, he and his wife moved to France.

The travel diary of the filmmaker, who travels to Tokyo for love. A documentary where beautiful and at times intimate images interpose over a voice-over reciting an unrelated poetic text.

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