Le grand paysage d’Alexis Droeven (Jean-Jacques Andrien, 1981)

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Eastern Belgium, beset by linguistic confrontations and an agriculture in decline. The film’s emotional context is just as dramatic: the death of a young farmer’s father. Will he decide to take on the farm or build a new life in the city? 

Le grand paysage d’Alexis Droeven (Jean-Jacques Andrien, 1981)

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In contemporary Belgium, the faith of 13-year-old Ahmed swings between the absolute ideals of his imam and the temptations of life.

A fascinating documentary about the Radio Free-movement in Europe, which gives voice, for instance, to the anti-nuclear campaigns, student protests in Italy, and problems of racism encountered by immigrants.

A patient look at the final weeks of rehearsal of Mitten wir im Leben sind, a performance by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, her dance company Rosas and cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras, to Bach’s cello suites.

Jeanne Dielman, a lonely young widow, lives with her son Sylvain following an immutable order. However, something happens that changes her safe routine.

By giving farmers a voice and showing their struggle for survival, this sensitive portrait of farmers shows a contemporary peasant world, revealing its profound culture and interrogating the present state of the world.

A film adaptation of two choreographies by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker to music by Béla Bartók: Mikrokosmos and Quatuor no. 4.

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Pink Ulysses (Eric de Kuyper, 1990)
Pink Ulysses
Eric de Kuyper,
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Quand les hommes pleurent
Yasmine Kassari,

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