Hedda Gabler (Jan Decorte, 1987)

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Avila digitalised two films by theatre maker Jan Decorte, Hedda Gabler and Pierre. Together with his television production Gombrowicz: Incidents, Adventures, these films will be made available online to a worldwide audience. In addition, Avila is giving away 250 free coupons for Hedda Gabler on the 12th of May from 19:30 CET onwards.

Hedda Gabler (Jan Decorte, 1987)

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Using letters from famous visitors to Paris - Charles Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin, Rainer Maria Rilke - the magical image of the city of lights is linked to that of a banal consumerism. A visual essay about the experience of observing and being observed in a Paris with many faces.

Over a period of 15 years Boris Lehman recorded countless conversations with professional friends such as Jean-Rouch, Jonas Mekas and Robert Kramer. The result is a monumental work, an eight-hour long manifesto in defense of independent cinema.

Khadija falls asleep on the last subway train. When she wakes up, she must make her way home by foot. On her nocturnal journey through Brussels she finds herself compelled to ask for and give help to the other inhabitants of the night.

The lives of boys in a maritime boarding school are interwoven with the sea. This documentary reveals how changeable the sea is, immeasurable yet vulnerable.

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Gombrowicz: Voorvallen, avonturen (Jan Decorte, 1977)
Gombrowicz: Voorvallen, avonturen
Jan Decorte,
Hedda Gabler (Jan Decorte
Hedda Gabler
Jan Decorte,
Pierre (Jan Decorte, 1977)
Jan Decorte,

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